Why invest

The funds managed by 88 HOTELS GROUP, with their hospitality theme, give access to a class of tangible assets, not subject to Wealth Tax, not linked to the traditional financial and property markets and with operational performance that is easy to understand.

88 HOTELS GROUP has a pragmatic range of funds for private wealth management and asset management, which provide effective solutions to issues of savings, taxation or the search for performance.

Thanks to 88 HOTELS GROUP expertise and active management, the funds managed by 88 HOTELS GROUP offer diversified portfolios, whether in terms of location, number of hotels, asset size, operators or brands.

The funds managed by 88 HOTELS GROUP are a way for individuals and legal entities alike to:

  • diversify the allocation of available savings;
  • meet the need to re-invest the proceeds of disposals (Art. 150-0 B-ter of the European General Tax Code); and
  • invest long-term liquidity of holding companies liable for corporate income tax.
Our funds involve capital risk, liquidity risk and the risk of a lack of sector diversification.