Our Convictions

We believe that a company’s long-term development is inseparable from an approach that places people at the heart of its DNA and its strategy.

And what better industry can there be than the hotel industry, a hospitality profession by its very nature, to build and nourish a virtuous dynamic that benefits everyone by promoting human capital?

By acting as an engaged and responsible investor, and by choosing to become “CAPITAL PARTNERS IN HOSPITALITY”, we are convinced that our approach creates value.

This commitment guides us each day to make the amazing hospitality industry in Europe an industry that provides a host of promising investment opportunities for our partners and clients.

Our value creation

88 Hotels Group is an active investor that targets existing hotels with great potential for improvement as well as new hotel businesses (new-builds and conversion of residential or office buildings into hotels).

To create value, 88 Hotels Group concentrates on the following:

  • Strategic repositioning of assets (moving under a brand, changing categories, reorganising spaces, renovating, etc.)
  • Optimising income and rationalising costs
  • Being actively and continually involved in the asset management of each transaction
  • Implementing new operating methods, which are often more up-to-date and based on excellent knowledge of the local situation
As a result, 88 Hotels Group has built a unique positioning for itself and now has excellent relations, built over time and based on trust and mutual respect, with 45 of the 70 largest independent European hotel operators, which have been in the industry for decades or even generations.

This strategy focused on diversification, hotel asset management and operational expertise shared with the best operators has enabled 88 Hotels Group to expand rapidly in the main eurozone regions suitable for the hospitality industry and to access rare and unique opportunities.

Our Investment Principles

A clear and targeted strategy.
88 Hotels Group has chosen to position itself, more particularly, in the mid-range business hotels segment (4 to 5 -star hotels)

  • Hotels with 80 to 250 rooms
  • Managed by independent hotel operators
  • Operated under a brand or not
Safe and strategic locations
  • In city centers and suburbs of large cities
  • Near airports, stations, etc.
In Europe, mainly in the Benelux countries Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
In Asia, we started in Indonesia and now focusing on Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.

88 Hotels Group main strategy is to invest in the best assets, operated under the most suitable brand, where appropriate, and always by the most legitimate operator in the region in question.

88 Hotels Group works on this basis with major international brands having a market share of more than 80% of hotels operated under brands in Europe, such as AccorHotels, Radisson, DaHotels, Steigenberg, Melia, Dormeo Hotels and others.
Co-investment with the hotel operator.
88 Hotels Group wishes to align interests, so it favors deals where the chosen operator is willing to make a significant financial investment in the project as well.