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European leader in private equity

Our experts have over 30 years experience in hotel finance. We are specialists, as the field requires specific skills at all levels (sourcing, financing, operations). With us, you are not just buying hotels—you’re buying the best possible returns on hotels.

Experts and Focused on Hospitality

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Millions in assets

At the heart of the ecosystem

We are the heart of our sector. We have developed unique and long-term relations with the largest business hotel groups as well as with family-run businesses.

Our Story

Dan Adrian Pop started investing in hotels about 1 year ago, after investing in EXTENDAM, an independent asset management company specializing in financing and long-term support for business hotel SMEs in Europe. He has been an entrepreneur and investor for more than 10 years and has specialized in third-party asset management for more than 3 years.
With around a hundred investments made by his teams and long-standing, close and trusted links with operators and brands, Dan Adrian Pop has made 88 Hotels Group the leading European private equity company specializing in business hotels in Europe and ASIA.

Our Values

Our values are reflected every day in what we do, the decisions we make and in our relations with our staff, clients, private and institutional investment partners, asset management advisors, entrepreneurs and large hotel brands. These values unite our teams and, more importantly, create a virtuous ecosystem, giving meaning to everything we do. These values have guided us while establishing our position as the leading European private equity company for business hotels in Europe.

88 Hotels Group endeavors to provide a range of services that is beyond reproach. Each day, our teams aim to deliver a high-quality service guided by a sense of duty and a desire for customer satisfaction. This quest for excellence has enabled us to build trusted relations with our hotel partners and with our clients.

We are committed to remaining close to the companies that we invest in and to our clients, for whom we put together accessible and suitable products. We are convinced that all relationships are strengthened by an open, respectful and friendly attitude. As such, we maintain special relations with each of our partners and clients, built up over time and based on trust and mutual respect.

88 Hotels Group has offered an innovative investment model aligning the interests of investors and hoteliers since its inception. 88 Hotels Group invests in hotels managed by independent operators, many of whom have been in the industry for decades and also invest alongside the funds managed by 88 Hotels Group.

Our desire is to be responsible and worthy of the trust placed in us. We believe this is the right thing to do and the right way to behave, demonstrated by tangible actions. It is therefore vital that we build trust within our team by looking after our staff, listening to them and encouraging their loyalty. We also obviously feel responsible for the products that we develop and market with the highest quality and compliance standards, a pledge of the trust placed in us by our investors.

88 Hotels Group obeys the law. It is our highest priority to ensure that all our decisions and actions comply with current laws and regulations.

Hospitality is the fourth largest commercial property asset class in Europe after offices, retail and logistics.

Demand for accommodation is growing structurally, year by year, and faster than the supply of accommodation.
Several factors are feeding this strong demand for accommodation.

The European working population is growing and traveling more and more.
Business travel has grown on average by 5% a year during the last decade, whereas hotel capacity has seen only 1% annual growth over the same period.
This increasing mobility has been accompanied by an explosion in the need for accommodation which cannot be absorbed to the same extent due to limited land reserves, especially in the largest European cities.
Europe is the most visited continent in the world.
For years it has had the largest number of international arrivals, with three times more visitors than North America and two times more than the Asia-Pacific region.